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Early stage R&D companies typically have difficulties borrowing capital from the traditional bank lending community due to limited tangible assets to secure their borrowings.

The R&DCP loans provide an innovative structure to allow you to borrow funds secured against your future tax return.

This form of funding does not involve the issue of new equity thus avoiding any equity dilution.

You can lengthen your cash runway without having to be distracted by the complexities of agreeing the business valuation and new shareholders’ agreements.

The additional runway will allow you to achieve further project milestones to trigger uplift in shareholder value prior to any future equity raising.

The R&DCP loans are available in a simple, efficient structure that can be accessed in a short time-frame.

R&DCP lends to businesses across a range of industries.  The critical component of the lending criteria is the eligibility of the R&D expenditure.  R&DCP has lent to the following Australian businesses: