David Tonkin is a Director at R&D Capital Partners and TCF Services (now Ryan). David leads a team of R&D and Government Grants Consultants to deliver the R&D Tax Incentive and other Government Grants to all clients in all major industries in Australia, including Manufacturing, ICT Enterprise and Start Up Software, Automotive Tech, Mining, Life Sciences, Engineering and FMCG. Over a 30 year career,  David has contributed to the delivery of over $2 billion dollars in Government Assistance under the TCF banner. He provides valuable consultation and advice to SMEs who seek a pathway through the Government Grant landscape. Through R&D Capital, David offers the opportunity to provide R&D prepayment assistance to SMEs looking to continue and accelerate the development of their R&D. Companies such as Zip Money in Fintech, TruScreen in Medical Screening and Minomic in Biotech have secured the R&D Prepayment facility through R&D Capital. David provides knowledgeable advice for business across all industries. He has a great appreciation for innovation and has a curiosity for all state of the art technologies.